Chapter 1

Mistress Vixen





“Oh, Red! How I’ve missed you in so many ways. How I’ve missed you in so many delicious, delectable, come here and let me eat your pussy, ways,” Mistress Vixen says with a grin.

I smile.

“No seriously come here and let me eat you,” she says with a wicked grin.

We are in a room full of people doing whatever, however, they want. I walk over, she lifts my skirt, lifts my leg over her shoulder and sticks her tongue inside of me. I close my eyes to shut out all the noise. I can feel people staring which is surprising because compared to everyone else what we’re doing isn’t that shocking.

When I’m finished, she wipes her face with my skirt.

“Sit, Red,” she commands.

I do as I’m told immediately. Mistress vixen goes back to her conversation with an older man sitting next to her. He glances at me every once and a while but never says anything to me directly. They finish their conversation and we go back to my room. She sits on my sofa.

“Honestly, Red I didn’t have anything planned tonight. I just wanted to taste you. I paid for the hour but I only wanted that. So if you have another client- “

“Not for a couple of hours,” I say sitting next to her. Mistress Vixen isn’t wearing her usual attire for our sessions. She’s wearing a tight short black dress, with a deep V in the front.

“Well if you want to go ahead and pack up- “

I take one breast out of her dress and stick it in my mouth. I’m already in the mood so might as well.

“You are full of surprises,” she says working her hands up my thigh. I sit up and straddle her before sucking on her other nipple with squeezing the other one. She begins fucking me with her fingers while using her other hand to take off my top. She then pushes me back on the sofa.

“Wait here,” she says getting up.

When she comes back she’s wearing a strap-on. Mistress Vixen flips me over, pulls my ass in the air and slides inside of me. Hard. I gasp when she grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks it back and she digs deeper into me. Harder and harder. Just when I’m about to explode, she retreats.

“Mistress,” I whimper.

She takes her tongue and moves it gingerly between my legs, then across my ass and up my spine. She chews on my earlobe and whispers, “Next time I’ll finish,” before standing up. She slips her dress back on and the strap on off.

“Night Red,” she says walking out the door.

I lay on my back f or a few minutes before standing up.

Now it’s time to get cleaned up and find my next client.

Chapter 2

Black Wolf





I’m running. As fast as I can through the woods. Branches clip my arms and legs as I try to move through them. Rain soaked mud encase my feet with every step. I know he can see my footprints but I have no choice but to keep running. I hear him howling to the moon. He’s close. must keep running. What will he do to me if he finds me?

I come to a clearing and stand still. Not sure where to go. My legs have been bruised and cut by branches and from tripping over rocks. My skirt and my top are in shreds.


I must keep running. I see a little path in front of me and I dart to it. It’s clear and easier to run down but I know he’ll see my footprints. It won’t be long now until he catches me. My heart is about to burst through my ribcage while the slightly cold air now feels like needles in my lungs. The sound of water trickling over rocks is ahead of me.

I see a stream outlined by big rocks. I find the biggest one and hide behind it. I try to steady my breathing and my heart as I wait.

But I don’t hear him. No howls, nothing. I try to peer from the side of the rock towards the path I ran down. A hard yank drags me away from my safe rock and sends me across the dirt. He found me.

He growls as he gets closer and my body begins to shake. What is he going to do?

He grabs my legs and spreads them as he pulls me towards him. He leans back and howls at the moon as he sticks two fingers inside me. The low growl next to my ear sends a shiver down my spine causing my body to arch into him Without warning he flips me over and pushes me into the ground.

After ripping off my skirt and tearing at my shirt, he shoves himself inside of me. Hard. I dig my nails deep into the ground looking for something to grab onto. He growls and howls at the moon while I moan and grab at the earth.  He stops. Flips me on my back and uses his claws to hold my legs wider apart before he slams into me. The roughness of him makes me want more.

The lone Black Wolf is the predator stalking me through the woods so he can capture me and have his way with me. Tall, and chiseled with the strength of a beast and forceful stare. The woods behind the club is where he likes to hunt me.

He fucks me like a wild animal for what feels like hours. Dragging me through the woods looking for different spots to throw me down. Where only the moon can hear here me scream.


Chapter 3



With sore legs and tattered clothes, I stroll back into the club. When I first started working at the club I was very self-conscious and had a hard time walking through the club half-naked. But once I saw other people naked, walking around with my body type or bigger or smaller and not ashamed of their bodies. It made it easy for me to accept mine. Now it’s actually kind of freeing. No one even gives me a second glance.

The Black Wolf is my new favorite client or one of them at least. He never speaks. I never have to guess what he wants or what he needs. He just takes me any way he wants me. I don’t have to think. Or answer questions. Or say yes sir. It’s nice.  It’s also nice being fucked in the woods like a wild animal.

I pass another half naked person and some fully naked people on my way to my room. And then I see them. Reiner and his new girlfriend. At least I think she is. We haven’t talked in a long while. And I don’t really have the desire to talk to him. He made it clear that I was just a submissive who was about to have sex for the first time and he didn’t want it to be with someone who wouldn’t care about my needs. How admirable of him. There was never a relationship. There was nothing.

As I stand here looking at them, it no longer feels like someone is punching me in my gut. It’s more of a needle prick in my chest that subsides quickly. I was told you almost always fall for your first. That would have been good information to have before all of this. But it probably wouldn’t have changed my mind. It was something I wanted to get rid of. And it was time.

The new couple steps inside the elevator with the doors close before I pass by. I make my way to my room and close the door behind me. Collapsing on the sofa. I am thankful I am done for tonight. I lay back and close my eyes. Searching for a quick nap.

It’s been three months since the Allana Bale case and my P.I. business is doing good. I haven’t had any murder or missing person cases lately but that’s okay. I don’t like those anyway. They are interesting. Like a puzzle with tons of missing pieces that I have to put together. But they are depressing. Looking for someone only to find that they have been murdered and then having to find the killer can take a toll on you. My last case ended just like that. Allana was thought to be missing. In the end, I learned she had been killed by her sister.

My first case was supposed to be a stalking case but then turned to murder when the person who hired me Mistress Jade was killed. I’m happy that I could find their killers but seeing dead bodies is not for me. However, it is more interesting than these cheating spouse cases I’ve had recently. A woman thinks her husband is cheating she calls me to follow him and get proof so she can use it in the divorce.  Boring. Boring work.

Except for the case I got last month. A man thought his wife was cheating on him so he hired me. Then a week later she called me because she thought he was cheating on her. Turns out they were cheating on each other with- wait for it… The same man.

The divorce went smoothly. She got a settlement and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. I had to burn the pictures I took. And the man they were having the affair with took the money and gifts they had given him over the years and left with more money than the wife got in the settlement. It was an extremely entertaining case.

Between the cheating spouse cases, I’ve been putting extra time in at the club. I have six new clients including the Black Wolf, I saw at a party where everyone was dressed as an animal. I was bunny. He became my fist nonspeaking client. He never talks. Instead, he leaves written instructions before every session. Client G is also new. He likes the 1950s-household fetish. He comes home, I’m waiting for him, dinner is waiting. Basically, I’m there to take care of his needs. He’s a nice man. A lonely one I think. But nice and generous. I have some new clients scheduled that I have yet to meet but I am beyond excited about them.

I have become increasingly aware that there are more fetishes out there than I thought. And I want to explore. Nothing way out there like with needles. Electro play is something I wouldn’t mind getting into and more suspension. I think if I spent more time at the club I would learn about all kinds of fetishes. I know I should do this. Hang out at the club more often. Get to know my coworkers. Mistress Black set up a party some months ago, for the doms and subs to get to know each other. I got to meet people I had only seen in passing. Which was nice.

I don’t know why I just find it hard talking to people. I can walk around naked in front of them. And get fucked while they watch and not bat an eye. But carrying on a conversation is just out of the question.

For a while, I thought I would stop working here and become a private investigator full time but something in my gut won’t let me do that. I like being a private investigator but being at the club allows me time to check out every once in a while. I get to step out of myself, where I can pretend to be someone else or I have to do what I’m told. Not being able to think or make any decisions is relaxing.


Chapter 4

It’s after ten when I roll over in my big comfortable bed. The sun is already brighter than it should be and there’s a blue light flashing on my phone. It’s either a missed call or a voicemail. Right now, it doesn’t matter. I roll away from the window. Pulling the covers over my head to block out the light. I could get out of bed and close the curtains but then I’d be up and I’d think of other things I should be doing at ten in the morning. I doze for another forty minutes.

I take a shower, make coffee, eat some toast and straighten my kitchen before I check my phone. There are two missed calls and a message from Mistress Orchid. She told me her name was Lily a while ago but I just can’t seem to remember to call her that when I talk to her. I listen to her message and then call her back.

Hello,” she answers sleepily.

“Hey, you called me?” I ask.

“Yeah, I wanted to know if we could talk. I need your help with something.”

“Sure. Do you want to come over or meet somewhere?” I ask.

“I could come over in an hour or so,” she says more alert.

“Okay. Text me when you’re on your way and I’ll give you the guest codes.”


An hour and a half later Mistress Orchid(Lily) and I are sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee and eating donuts she brought with her.

“This is a really nice building,” she says looking around.

“Yeah, when my last place was broken into I had to move,” I say.

“You made the right choice,” she says eying the skyline.

“I feel safer here,” I say taking a sip of coffee.

“So,” she starts before taking a sip of her cup and then biting her lip.

“What do you need?” I ask.

“I have a case for you. A missing person’s case. Kind of,” she says.

“Someone you know?” I ask.

“Sort of,” she says.

“Tell me,” I say plainly.

“When I was young, I had a daughter and was forced to give her up for adoption,” she starts.

“Really?” I say trying to stifle some of my surprise.

“My mother was a devout catholic and I got pregnant when I was sixteen by my high school sweetheart. Who, then moved away. After I had her, the nurse took her away. I didn’t get to see her face or touch her. I don’t even know if she was given a good home or not,” she says as her eyes fill with tears.

“You want me to find her?” I ask.

“I’ve been trying but it was a closed adoption. So-” she stops.

“You can’t have it unsealed,” I finish.


“Okay, I’ll help you,” I say without giving it much thought. Lily has been nice to me, giving me advice and being a great listener when I needed one. I can help her find her daughter.

“Thank you,” she says.

“Where were you when this happened?” I ask getting the notebook I keep in my purse.

“I lived in Norfolk, Virginia,” she answers.


“The nuns that took her were from Saint Agnes Orphanage I think,” she says.

“Okay. Do you know anything else?” I ask.

“No, I left home soon after that. Even on her deathbed my mother still wouldn’t say where they took her,” she answers.

“That’s mean.”

“That was her way,” she says.

“I’ll let you know what I find as soon as possible,” I say.

“Thank you so much. I’ll pay whatever-”

“You get the friends discount. No charge,” I say smiling.

I want to ask her more about her mother and her life in general but I sense she doesn’t want to talk about it. Instead, we talk about the club and our new clients without giving names. I tell her about the wolf and how I don’t even know his name or what his voice sounds like.

“That’s not uncommon,” Lily says.


“Some clients want to get lost in a character so they don’t want you to know what their real name is. They want to live in the moment,” she explains.

“Hmm, okay.”

“Does he make you feel uncomfortable?” she asks.

“No, of course not. He’s my favorite client. I just don’t know his name or what he looks like under the black paint and the fur.”

“I had a sub like that once. Kept a leather mask on all through our sessions. I didn’t know what his face looked like for two years. But that was the way he wanted it.”

“He’s my first mystery man,” I say smiling.

“You’ll have more. Especially with you being so popular.”

Who? Me?

“I’m popular? With who?”

“Beth, you have to come out sometime. Now you just go to your clients and go home, you have to socialize. You are very popular as a sub. Among the clients and your coworkers,” she says.

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, you don’t hang around long enough. You remember when Mistress Black had that get together for the employees?”


“That was mostly because everyone wanted to finally meet you,” she says.

“Oh, guess I should get out more. Don’t want to disappoint my public.”

Orchid let out a howling laugh that made me snort which made her laugh harder.

“Is Reiner still a client?” she asks.

“No. I don’t think he was one. Just- I don’t know,” I say before taking a sip of coffee.

“Do you talk? I’ve seen him around with some blonde.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen them too. Does she work there?” I ask.

“Um, no.”

“Oh, no we don’t talk,” I say quietly hoping she changes the subject.

“You really liked him. But he was your first and you almost always have feelings for the first,” she says.

Does everyone know that? Of course, they do it was an auction.

That would have been some good information to have back then,” I say. “I just-I’m mad at myself for having feelings that I shouldn’t have. He was never mine. We were never in a relationship. It’s not like he knows anything about me. I-”

“You thought he was doing it because he liked you and maybe you two could have something. But he just wanted you or better yet your virginity and nothing else,” says Orchid.

That’s blunt.

“He should have told you that,” she says.

“He did but by then it was too late. He said he was into some things- “

“That you wouldn’t be into or even want to try and he doesn’t want to force you into anything and that’s why you two can’t be together?” she asks staring at me.

“So, bull shit huh?”

“Pretty much,” she says. “He might be into the darker side of BDSM but mostly I think he wanted to spare your feelings.”

“And he wanted someone else,” I say. I knew that. Deep down. He was done with me and wanted to move on to someone else.


“I just have to get over something that never was, to begin with.”

“It’s what could have been that will drive you crazy. Or looking at his new girl and wondering what is it about her that he likes so much? Or he never did that with me. And why not me?”

“I do find myself thinking that,” I say taking another sip of now lukewarm coffee.

“You’ll get pass it. You just have to take your emotions out of it, it was a transaction and nothing else.”

She may be right but I thought at first it was more than that. He helped me on my first case. He even let me stay at his house while everything played out. Or was he just being nice?

I think I just need to remind myself that technically I’m a whore and have no right to feel what I’m feeling right now. What man would want to be with someone that has sex with other men and woman on a nightly basis? And I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon so oh well.

We talk for thirty more minutes before she has to get ready for work.

I admire her for wanting to get in contact with her daughter after all these years. My mother never wanted that I don’t think. She left me with my father so she could escape his abuse. I never understood why she didn’t take us with her. I think it’s because she was tired of being a mother and wanted him to see how difficult it was to raise children. That didn’t work out well for me but she seems to be happy.

I have no idea where to start. If it’s a closed adoption, then how will I get access to the files I need?


I send him a text asking if I can drop by in the morning. It’s after I press send I wonder if Reiner has told him about me at all. Probably not. It’s not like we had a relationship or anything. He texts me back saying sure and a smiley face wearing sunglasses.  I can always count on him to help me no matter what. At least for now. Not sure how close he and Reiner are or if he knows about the club. Or if Reiner would tell him anything about me anyway.