Chapter 1

Client X

He loves it when I beg him to spank me harder. Client X is the typical dominant male. He comes in once sometimes twice a week to take out his frustrations on my body. I suspect he has mommy issues, but we never do much talking so I can’t confirm my theory. He likes to spank me as hard as possible until I cry the safe word. I am his favorite because for some reason, I have a high tolerance for pain.

He moves me to the spanking horse that he has in the middle of the room. He restrains my feet and my hands, so I am bound with my ass in the air. Just how he likes it. The room has a vast tool collection he keeps behind me, making each transition a surprise. X starts with his hand, slowly and lightly stroking it down my leg before giving my ass a hard smack. He does this with each cheek, hitting me a little harder each time. Then he gets quiet, which always makes me eager because I never know what he is doing back there.

Then I feel something thin nipping at my legs. I think it is the riding crop. First, he uses it lightly. Nipping at each leg before taking the crop and stroking my spine. Just as I start to relax, smack. Right on my left cheek but much harder this time. He again strokes my spine and my legs with it. Back and forth several times, until the next smack on my left cheek. He does this a few more times, waiting until I relax a bit before hitting me again. He gets quiet again.

I take this time to look around the room. This dungeon is different from the other girls, but that is how I like it. I keep all the tools and furniture close to the wall so when you walk in what you see is an empty room. That way it makes it easier for the client to imagine what they can do in the empty space. The walls are dark blood red and the furniture is all black to me it adds an air of mystery. The clients like it. I think being in a dark room like this makes it easier for them to let go of their inhibitions.

X is rustling around with some of the tools back there and then it gets quiet. I brace myself for the next hit. This is the hardest he has hit me all day. It is a wooden paddle. It hurts but not bad enough to make me say the safe word. The stinging sensation subsides and I am ready for more. X is the silent type who rarely says much of anything before, during or after our sessions. He is one of my favorites, he just tells me what position he wants me in and that’s it. He hits me with the paddle full on no slow stroking or waiting a few seconds between hits. Each hit is harder and harder. I grit my teeth and hold on to my restraints to stop from screaming. He doesn’t like it when I scream only when I beg for more. I think he just likes hitting something and knows that it can’t be his wife. He stops finally and I hear him set the paddle on the table. My ass is throbbing and my legs are shaking, but without the safe word the session continues. So I wait for what he comes up with next.

Just as the shakes subside I hear something cracking through the air and landing on my ass so I hard I have to scream. It’s the whip. Two more hits and I can’t stand it.

Apple” I whimper and he stops. X releases my restraints and I stand up my matronly skirt falling back to below my knees. An outfit he requested, definite mommy issues. X refuses to look me in the eye.

It’s okay. We got further this time than any other. Maybe next time we can have more time with the whip” I say knowing I’m lying.

He smiles at me and nods his head. I walk him towards the door and he grabs his jacket from the sofa. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a white envelope and hands it to me with a wink before leaving. When I close the door all I can do is lean over the arm of the sofa because sitting down is not an option. My ass aches so much all I can do is thank God this is my last session until Monday. In the envelope, there is a hefty tip, the other reason I like X. As the throbbing in my ass continues someone knocks at my door.

Hold on!” I say while I try to lift myself off the arm of the sofa. I open the door. It is Mistress Jade.

Can we talk?”

Sure,” I say as I move aside to let her in. She sits on the sofa and I lean against the wall. She looks at me questioningly.

The whip is something else,” I say with a shrug. She smiles.

Some of the girls say you are trying to get you P.I. license?”

Um, yeah I’m almost done.”

Are you going to leave when you do?”

I’m not sure. Haven’t decided yet. Why?”

I wouldn’t bother you with this but I’ve gone to the police and they don’t believe me.”

Oh shit!

Lately I have had this feeling that someone is following me.” She says staring at her boots.

What do you mean?” I ask

Well, when I go out I feel eyes on me watching me. And a couple of times I’ve come home and my door is open, but nothing is missing. I’ve gotten mail from unknown saying I’m watching you. I get texts saying how beautiful I look in my dress from an unknown number.”

And you said all this to the police?”

Yes, but there aren’t any fingerprints and when they asked me what work I do-“ she stops looking shaken.

You tell them you work at a strip club and they stop listening”

She looks up at me “yeah pretty much.”

That’s fucked up”

Yeah. Can you help?”

I’m not sure I don’t have my license yet so there is not a lot I can do.”

I’ll pay you. I just need to know who is doing this.”

The pained look in her eyes pulls on my heartstrings. I am almost done. I just have to take my final test to get my license, but I’m not sure I should be doing this. She’s not a friend, but she is friendly and has never done or said a mean word to me.

I’ll think about it and get back to you. Meanwhile, what detective did you talk to at the police department? And gather everything this person has sent you and put it in a bag. Bring it with you Monday. Just in case.”

I will be here tomorrow and I’ll just put it in your room and I talked to a Detective Mars. Thank you, if you take it of course.”

Jade gets up and leaves. I feel sorry for her. But I don’t have my license so can I take her case? I don’t see why not it’s just finding someone. It shouldn’t be too dangerous. Then again somebody is stalking her and it could be dangerous. But I just have to find the person and she can hand over my findings to the cops and they can take it from there. I pull my body away from the wall and change my clothes into jeans and a simple tank. I gather my belongings and close up for the night. I leave my door unlocked for Jade tomorrow and go on my merry way, so happy to be going home.