I will be adding to this as I begin to work on different projects. When writing I don’t want to stick to just one genre, I want to write whatever comes to mind whether it is fantasy or not.


R&R: Rachel Emma Dixon has had an extremely hard life, full of abuse and neglect. She was never allowed to speak her mind or have her own opinions, or to get angry about anything. So to deal with her abusive life she created an imaginary friend in her head. She calls him Red. She talks to him often, telling him her fears and frustrations and what angers her and even her darkest thoughts. He is her best friend. But in her mid-twenties, she begins to notice that gaps of time in her memory are missing and she has no idea why. Messages are being left for her from a mysterious man that she has no memory of meeting and sinister events are plaguing her apartment building. Who is this man leaving her notes? And does he have anything to do with the events in her building?

Dark Crystal: Crystal Black is forced to marry a man she doesn’t love so her family can keep their lifestyle. He builds her a beautiful manor full of servants and anything else he could ever need. But because of his past transgressions evil is unleashed on their property and tries to take hold of Crystal. With horrors all around her and people disappearing left and right it is clear the evil force is after her but what can she do to stop it?

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