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Beth Anderson, a professional submissive, is growing weary of the job she loves so much. Tiring of having to keep what she really does a secret from her friends she longs for a job she can share with them. Deciding to become a private investigator seems like a good idea and will let her use some of her skills to help people. When Mistress Jade approaches her about investigating a stalker, Beth is hesitant to take the case and ask for more information. But before she can get it, Jade is found beaten to death and her place in shambles. When it becomes apparent the police are putting no effort into finding the murderer, Beth opens her own investigation. Realizing that the killer was looking for something, Beth sets out with Detective Reiner to find what that something is and how it connects with Jade’s death. Knowing people are not always what they seem, she delves into Jade’s life finding she may not be the first body under the killers belt. And unless Beth wants to be next she must find what they are looking for and how she can use it against them.






Allana Bale dropped off her eight-month-old daughter at her mother’s house and never returned. With a pattern of running away and drug use, her disappearance isn’t given a second look. Until Beth comes along.
Beth, now a professional PI and submissive tries to juggle the two when she is given this missing person’s case. Having to delve into a person’s past can be dangerous but Beth is determined to learn what happened to Allana. Did she run away from the pressures of motherhood or is everything not as it seems?


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