Lady Emerald

Lady Emerald


I despise tardiness. I had time to pin and curl my black hair, lace up my emerald green corset, squeeze into my short leather mini and zip up my thigh high leather boots and still get here early.

“What have I told you about being late, Dog?” I say the minute he sprints in. Nothing much to look at. Typical middle-aged man looking for some excitement so he can go back to his humdrum life. He assumes the position, on his knees, eyes on the floor. Men are only good when they are on their knees and most aren’t even good at that.

“I-I-I,” he stammers.


I swat him with my riding crop. “Spit it out!”

“I’m so sorry.” Smack!

“You’re what?” I ask leaning down. Placing my ear inches away from his mouth.

“I’m sorry Lady Emerald,” he finally gets out.

“Good boy,” I say as I straighten up and move back to the black and green embroidered chair directly in front of him. He comes to me every week seeking a release he knows only I can give.

“Take off your clothes!” I command. He frees himself of his tailored three-piece indigo suit, black socks, and shiny black shoes. Of course, he’s that type of guy. The type that has to have everything in order. Everything in its proper place. So anal his boxers have to match his suit. The type where when you tell him to take off his clothes he has to do so delicately and lay them across the table as if he was handling a carton of eggs or a newborn baby.

“Get into position!”

Dog gets on all fours in front of my chair. I place my feet on his back and lean into the chair. Very comfortable. I feel his body start to slack.


I hit him again on the back of his thigh. He straightens his back immediately.

I run the heel of my boot along his spine. Back and forth. He lets out a low guttural moan. Good boy. He likes to be humiliated. To have no control. Hmm.

I stand up and go to my drawer of tools. I grab a spiked collar and attach a green leather leash to it.

“Time for a walk,” I say as I wrap the collar around his neck. We step outside of my room and I close the door behind me. We linger in the hallway. Hmmm, should I take him outside or maybe around the common room?

The common room is. I lead him down the hallway, walking as slow as possible. People pass, look down at him, smile at me and keep walking. The common room is filled with people coming in and out. Some on leashes. Some not. Some naked. Others full dressed in leather or lace or both.

I take a seat in the big comfortable chairs. Using him as my footrest.  I should have ball gagged him. Maybe next time. His body slacks so I smack him until he gets back into position.

Master R comes over and sits next to me. “Who is this?”

“Dog say hello,” I command.


“Nice to meet you Dog,” says Master R.



I didn’t tell him to speak.

“Hmm… Well I’ll leave you to it,” says Mr. R as he leaves.

I glance at my watch. As much as I want to drag this out I have another client coming soon.  I get up and lead Dog back to my room.

“Our time is about up,” I say sitting back in my chair.


“Are you ready for your punishment?” I ask.

He nods his head furiously.

“Go home!” I command.

He sits up and stares at me with big puppy dog eyes. He begins to whimper.

“I told you I hate tardiness. And you will be punished. So your punishment is that I will not punish you. You get nothing from me tonight for wasting my time. So go put your clothes on and go home to your wife.”

He slowly crawls to the table, stands up and begins putting his clothes back on.

“And the next time you come here late, I will refuse you! Now get out!” I command. Dog scurries out of the room. Time for my next client.  



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