Unlucky number seven was tied to a chair positioned in the middle of the living room in a two-story brownstone at the end of Lenox Street. Katie Mills was a twenty-four-year-old secretary for an IT company, who just happened to be walking home at the wrong time. Beautiful with her chestnut colored hair and her sky-blue eyes. She had the attributes of a model and the attitude of any mean girl that roamed the halls in high school. And that is why she was sitting in this chair on this night bound and gagged.

Broken smiled when Katie’s body went from limp unconsciousness to panicked confusion. Now we can have some fun.

“Hello, How are you?” Broken asked in a low rumble.

Katie wiggled against her restraints while screaming obscenities into the crimson scarf stuffed in her mouth.

“Why I’m fine. Thanks for asking!”  She said pacing around the room.

She turned around and began to hum as she removed items from a black backpack on the coffee table. Katie pulled at her restraints trying to free her hands or break the wooden chair but nothing. Broken had so intricately wrapped the rope around her and the chair so there was no clear way to get out of it. The items she was pulling out of the bag were obscured from Katie’s vision but she could hear the metal clanking against the table.

Broken was toying with her. She loved it.  She could smell the sweat dripping from her victim’s, their quickened heart beat and how their bodies shivered when she touched them. It was intoxicating.

Katie continued to struggle, trying to wiggle, pull, push and twist her body free but was getting nowhere.

“Now, I’m ready,” Broken spoke softly. She stood in front of the table blocking the tools she planned on using.  Katie’s eyes were fixated on her.

“Let’s have some fun,” she said taking out her lighter.

The fear in Katie’s eyes made Broken’s heart smile. She took her rusted branding iron and lit the end of it. Katie thrashed around without moving the chair an inch.

“Where would you like it first?” she asked with the politest smile.

Tears streamed from Katie’s eyes and Broken took that to mean she had no preference. Taking her knife from her pocket she sliced her shirt down the middle before taking the hot iron and sticking it between her breasts. Broken leaned her head back and closed her eyes as she took in the hissing noise it made when it touched Katie’s flesh. That sound, her blood curdling muffled scream and the smell of her burning flesh was like the sweetest assault on all of Broken’s senses. She had to experience it again and so she did. Six more times: on Katie’s thigh, her forearm, twice on her back, the bottom of her foot and on the palm of her hand.

Katie grew quiet when she stepped away from her. It was a mixture of relief that she had stopped and trying to concentrate so she didn’t black out from the pain. She was trying to focus on a way out but she lived alone and no one would be looking for until morning when she didn’t show up for work.

Broken went back to the table and grabbed a pair of yellow handled scissors. She spun around and chuckled.

“What can I do with these?” “Hmm.”

She strolled behind her and loosened her hair from the rope. She chopped her hair in uneven chunks and dropped the hair in her lap. She then took one blade of the scissors and drew it along her scalp trying to catch any of the hair she missed. She cried and screamed as thick scarlet blood trickled down her forehead.  When she finally let, her head go she only had one patch of hair and only of few patches of her head still had her scalp attached to it.

Her head was on fire but all she could do was drop it to her chest and sob.

“You’re stronger than I thought you’d be. The others would have passed out by now. Bravo to you,” she said clapping her hands and giving a little bow.

She went back to the table. Placing the scissors back in the bag she eyed her next tool. A scalpel. She held it up so she could see it.

“Looks innocent enough, right?” she asked with a grin. “Just wait.”

Katie squealed as she came towards her. But that only made her laugh. She kneeled in front of her.  Starting with her legs Broken took the scalpel and dragged it down the length of Katie’s calf. She bucked around so Broken put her knee on her foot to keep her leg still. She went down one way than a horizontal cut and then up the other way. She made another cut before pulling away the slither of skin.

Katie was still. No kicking no screaming nothing. Broken peered up from her knee to find her passed out. It’s about time, she thought. She undid her restraints and moved her to the dining room table. She stripped her down to her underwear and tied a limb to each post and then resumed her work.

Broken took skin from her stomach, both legs and arms, and her face. She then arranged them like puzzle pieces on the table by the front door.

Katie woke up a few times in between but never longer than a second. Broken went to the kitchen and grabbed a lime. Broken sliced it and squeezed it right over Katie’s stomach. She bolted awake screaming into her gag.

“There you are. It’s almost over and I didn’t want you to miss the fun.”

Katie’s body pulsed with pain every time she took a breath. She sobbed uncontrollably which only made her hurt more. She went back to her bag and placed the scalpel inside. She then grabbed the machete off the table. She played with it in front of Katie. Flipping it from one hand to the next, throwing it in the air and catching it as she walked back to the table.

Katie cried even harder.

“You’re a liar. You hide what you really are from the world. I am going to expose you. And I’ll start by breaking your disgusting mask,” she said before bringing down the machete in one quick chop. She hacked at Katie’s body until it was in medium sized chunks scattered around the dining room. She sighed not only satisfied with her work but content with her release. She left the head hole only to crush it with a mallet. Breaking Katie’s mask, her teeth and bursting both her eyes.

Broken got all her supplies and placed them back in her bag along with her coveralls now covered in blood. She took one last look around and proceeded out the front door. Once there her took off her disposable shoe booties and blood-soaked gloves and placed those in her bag as well.

She would take the long way home so she could feel the morning breeze against her skin.


5 thoughts on “The Broken Mask: Prologue

  1. Oh my God…this was…I don’t even know where to begin. I was expecting a BDSM session, and to be honest it took me a long to realize it wasn’t that in the least, that Katie didn’t just like it really rough. Ugh, torturers deserve to be given their own punishment. I can’t wait to see how Beth handles this, and I only hope she doesn’t get caught in the trap.

    Liked by 1 person

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