Only Dominant

At the beginning of every session, he prefers me on my knees. Waiting for him. Naked except for a pair of black stockings with lace tops. Knees spread on the marble floor but feet touching. Auburn hair cascading down framing my breasts. That is what he likes to see when he walks in. He picks the same suite every time instead of using one of the rooms in the clubs downstairs. Much more private that way. Marble floors, floor to ceiling windows, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s so beautiful and luxurious. But when looked at closely every piece of furniture has some kind of loop for chain cuffs. There is also a tool closet that gets scrubbed daily. Whips, riding crops, paddles, handcuffs, costumes and anything else one would need for any kind of play. Well almost any kind. I was told some things have to be ordered week or two in advance or certain things can only be brought up when requested. Apparently I will know what those things are when I need them. I hear someone coming down the hall outside of the suite and my heart remains steady. I know what tonight’s activity is. The same as every other night.
“Hello Gorgeous,” he says taking up the doorway.
“Hello, Sir.”
He strolls in laying his suit jacket across the back of a leather chair.
“Been a good girl?” He asks dragging another chair and setting it in front of me.
“Yes Sir,” I say with my eyes glued to the floor.
He caresses my cheek with one hand while undoing his pants with the other.Tracing my lips once before grabbing a fist full of my hair and shoving my head into his lap. It’s waiting for me. Hard and hot when I wrap my lips around it. He lets out a low moan when I work my tongue around the tip. Keeping my hands by my side I work my way down the shaft. Slowly at first. He likes it when I bare my teeth using just enough pressure. His moans become constant and louder as I repeat each trick in a different order. When he fills my mouth I swallow like a good girl while awaiting my new orders. Salty
OD stands me up and leads me to the dining table. Bending me over he kicks my legs open and holds my hands behind my back. I hear him opening something and then smack. A swift hit from a paddle knocks me off my feet and sliding across the table. He grabs me and puts me back in position. He then gets legs and arms cuffs to tether me to the table. When he hits me again I stay put. He moves the paddle down my legs hitting me in an unpredictable pattern. He brings it up between my legs and holds it there. He smacks it lightly before moving back to my ass. Its wet I can feel it sliding down my leg. I know he’s staring at it so I wiggle a little bit trying to get him to touch it. The hit is harder this time but his other hand and rolls my clit between his thumb and index finger. My back instantly arches trying to give him better access.
“Don’t be needy,” he says before paddling me again.
“Sorry Sir.”
“Be perfectly still and quiet.”
“Yes, Sir.”
I lay flat on the table trying not to move a muscle. He hits me again. Hard. As the pain radiates throughout my body he sticks one finger inside me. With every hit, he pumps his finger inside me. I struggle trying not to grind against him. With every lick of pain, he sends waves of pleasure over my body and then he adds another finger. He works with two for a little while and then he adds another. Every few hits he adds a new finger until his entire fist is pumping inside me. After every hit, he pumps. My body aches for a release that is taking too long. After a few more hits, wetness is dripping down my leg and I’m biting my lip and grabbing the edge of the table. He stops. I hear him moan loudly before his hand retreats.
“Come let’s go to bed,” he says releasing my restraints.
We go into the master bedroom and get into bed. Within seconds, he is sleeping while I’m staring at the ceiling. We finally try something new and I get no benefits of it. He could have waited I was almost there.
My only dominant is not the same man who bought my virginity. OD isn’t mean to me and he doesn’t treat me to harshly for a dominant. But when I’m with him I miss my clients. He’s a tame and lenient dominant. I guess that could be a good thing. He likes much of the same on the nights we are together. I can’t complain because he has never deliberately tried to hurt me or push me to far but it’s almost the same thing every time. Fisting tonight was different. I guess I just want more. Now that I can I want to explore the club more. With him being my dominant I can’t unless he wants to. He pays me well though to do the little bit he’s into.
Reiner bought it and gave me an amazing weekend but didn’t want to take it further. He says he is into some dark things and doesn’t think I would like it. I find myself wondering what those things are. Our first night together he was far more gentle than I thought he would be.It was amazing. But it wasn’t what he wanted. The next two night we did some light BDSM. What dark things could he like that I haven’t seen at the club yet. When he said that it made me realize there is more to this then I have seen at the other club. I think that is why I want to go exploring so I can see what else is out there. It has to be more than what I’m doing now.


7 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. You have such an amazing knack for BDSM in what little I know about it. I’d much rather read this than Fifty Shades any day. At the very least you understand the need for consent. I really liked that about the first Jade Dragon book. There was never any question or doubt about that. Wish more authors would emulate what I think should be a given.


      1. Exactly! I’m trying to do the scenes without repeating the same words over and over again. And using cock four times in one sentence because to me that’s irritating. But I also want to showcase different kinds of fetishes. Some I would never try but I find them interesting like needle play or suspension. It’s okay to like these things and practice them as long as all parties consent. That is what I’m trying to accomplish this book.

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      2. Love it. We need more narratives like this to become popular. Far too many people think that Fifty Shades is okay, and I totally agree with using one word too many times hehe. I’ve written a little bit of erotica (nothing published), and I try to mix it up. Just sex scenes in general can become trite if you’re constantly using the same descriptions.

        Liked by 1 person

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