I have really bad social anxiety and a hatred for being around people. I write because when I do I can escape all of that, if only for a little while. I can escape the world that I am in where I feel unloved and unwanted and go somewhere I’m not alone. Somewhere I created where I know everyone and it feels more like home. Somewhere I can be myself with no fear of negativity or being ridiculed for what I think or how I feel about certain issues. I can say what I want and not be made fun of or have to deal with the condescending people that never encouraged me or make me feel like I’m never good enough.

Writing is an escape. It’s a place you go where you can put your most intimate thoughts no matter how dark, or sexual or inane they are and just be completely free. I can be free when I write and that is why I do it I can be me, the real me, that I never get to show anyone because they would never understand.

But most importantly I write for the same reason I crochet (yes I crochet), because I love doing it. I have since I was a child; it was always something that brought me so much joy, much like reading. I love creating places and people and making them feel what I feel or listening to them and how they feel about certain situations. I love writing about the people I see and talk to in my head everyday so everyone else can meet them too.

So no matter how bad someone says my writing is I will continue to write anyway. If you really love doing something never let anyone tell you, you aren’t good enough to do it. Tell them to fuck off and keep doing it anyway. 🙂


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