I have realized that I am not good with criticism. I know it is a part of life and everyone will not like what you do but still.Good or bad it gets to me. When someone says something bad about my writing it hits me hard and makes me feel terrible. I feel like after a bad criticism that I am a horrible writer and that nothing I do is ever good. It’s that whole all or nothing mentality. And then sometimes I feel like who are you to talk bad about my work. Sometimes a piece of work is so personal I feel defensive like no one has the right to judge it. But in that case, why release it if I can’t take the criticism? It’s frustrating. I know that everything I write will not be perfect but I really need to toughen up and be open to whatever criticism may come my way.

I’m Working On It!!!


4 thoughts on “Criticism…Hmmm

  1. You and I seem to have much in common. Criticism devastates me to the point that even a hundred good comments can’t break me from my despair. Being sensitive and being a writer has to be one of the cruelest jokes I’ve ever endured; however, I believed the sensitivity has helped shape my writing so you take the good with the bad.

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  2. Everyone who is not a writer feels they can criticize a writer’s work. Never let them (that is anyone) make you feel like a terrible writer. If you are a terrible writer and you keep writing, you will become a great writer since there is learning in the mistakes. Thanks for following my blog and thanks also for giving me an idea of what to write about on a guest blog I have coming up later this month.

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